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Minter - new generation blockchain

High reliability

Reliable API allows our blockchain to support a huge number of applications from wallets and the console to exchanges and exchangers

Exchange rate

The transaction is executed within 5 seconds, in one second more than 1000 applications are processed on the Tendermint engine with DPoS consensus

Developers community

Minter is a project of DeCenter, the largest Russian-language blockchain community, which has more than 250k people

Low commission

Commission for any transfer or exchange of any size and not more than $ 0.01

Blockchain, which allows you to create, transfer and exchange coins instantly and without restrictions between each other!

Delegate to our MasterNodeVIP and get 25% bonuses to the account!

Step 1

Login to the Minter-console, using the login or led-phrase of the wallet

Step 2

Make a copy of our public key in the delegation

Step 3

Select the number of coins to delegate and click delegate

Step 4

Welcome to MasterNodeVIP!

Join Minter right now and get bonuses!