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How to delegate in MinterCenter

What is MinterCenter?

Watch the video on how the Minter network works, what validators are and who delegators are, and make sure the benefits of MinterCenter.

MinterCenter technologies

MinterCenter — a hi-tech masternoda which enters TOP-10 validators.

MinterCenter — the adherent of Minter network, the active participant of the testnet, for maintenance of its stability on start.

MinterCenter has own data center, servers and communication channels. Round-the-clock control.

Masternode working time 100%
delegated funds 60%
Transaction commission 10%
Share in total steak 2%


Minter is an innovative blockchain that has high transaction throughput and allows you to manage coins with full and instant liquidity. Learn more

BIP is the native currency of the Minter network, providing liquidity for all created tokens within the blockchain. Learn more

Masternode is the separately dedicated server ensuring functioning of a blockchain by confirmation, records and safety of transactions.

The validator is a holder of a masternoda and supporter of correct operation of the server. The validator earns a reward which is distributed between delegator for participation in creation of blocks and confirmation of transactions. Learn more

A delegate is a user who has transmitted for a time a certain number of his coins to a masternode, to profit from the validation process. In more detail

This is the sum received from block formation (from 333 BIP after network start) plus blockchain commissions for various actions (translations, delegation, etc.), which is divided among all network participants. Rewards are awarded once every 12 blocks, i.e. every minute.

The unit validation award is distributed to all members of the network:

  • 10% to DAO and 10% to the development team;
  • The award is then distributed among the wadids proportionally from the steaks;
  • The amount received, net of the validator fee percentage, is distributed among the delegates.

By delegation of your tokens to the masterhouse, you become a participant in the validation process and receive revenue from the work of the validator in proportion to the steak (size of the invested coins). Our delegates receive 90% of the award of masters for the validation of blocks.

As the investor, a delegator bears certain risks which are connected with quality of operation of the validator. In case of technical failure of a masternoda, the delegator risks to lose 1% of the enclosed coins. Our masternoda differs in reliability of operation of servers and total absence of interruptions and the inflicted sanctions.

Yes. You can recall coins using transaction Unbond. You can apply in your personal wallet, after which the return will be made within 30 days.